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A whole New World: 2021

A whole new world.

No I’m not talking about Covid. Fuck that. Boring. Old News. We know the oppressive situation in which we are all trapped in right now as 2021 comes round all guns blazing. Just as shit as 2020. No lets leave that one in its corner!

I will wish you all a Happy New Year none the less, inviting you instead, to enter the new world/ journey you have embarked on with me today. Rose. Or Mistress Rose as you will soon become acquainted with.

In fact to save time here is a list of acceptable terms to which I’ll respond: Mistress Rose, Miss Rose, Godess or any variation of such.

Now understand your position. Beneath me. Always beneath me and ready to worship. Are you kneeling?

Ok, lets begin.

Now fundamentals to becoming a submissive of mine are you must be accustom to one or multiple of the following:


Anal Training

Body Worship


CBT (Cock & Ball Torture)


Orgasm Control


Foot Fetish

Role Play


Forced Bi Play

Intox play.

If not on the list it doesn’t mean I can’t offer these things, just it may require some discussion to obtain a little more background. I find this particularly helpful in terms of Role Play dynamics. Further you do not need to have physically embarked upon these areas of Submission. But I would definitely expect you to have fantasized about one or more of them.

SO now we ask another question: Who is your Fantasy Self?

Mistress Rose- Of course I too have a fantasy self and I’ll be sure to share more about that later down the line.

But for now lets focus on yourself in my presence. How do you present yourself to me? Virtually (I.e. on webcam) and physically (during real time meets). This is something that needs to be considered carefully. So use your situation to your advantage and get creative.

To give you a few ideas to consider and get you started, lets take Sissification as an example:

· Perhaps you feel it would be appropriate to cage before you dare to contact me. This would certainly illustrate a good submissive who has already considered their chastity prior to indulgent engagement.

· Are you going to be innocent or a slut? Certainly important when considering clothing. History has tainted our minds with a concept of sexualisation, but think deeper. What arouses us? Shiny Nylons are a good starting point for any good Sissy. The feel alone is usually enough to make your little clit twitch and lets face it. Mistress knows how your little clit loves to twitch and throb.

· Do you have panties in the house suitable for the task? I always find the washing basket a fantastic place to start.

Taking Anal Training as another example:

· Are you equipped? If you plan to stretch something, you need time, patience and more importantly TRIBUTE... Can you afford the multiple sessions needed to achieve the loose slutty, cock guzzling ass hole you’ve been fantasizing about?

· Or should we, perhaps start ordering some toys. Butt Plugs. Dildos to use before, during and after your sessions with me.

See what I mean? It really is quite the commitment becoming mine. Ownership. A concept that must be built upon mutual respect and loyalty. So take some time. Read up on your kink and more importantly The one and Only Mistress Rose. Look at some pornography to embrace what makes your cock throb. Your balls ache. And your body pulse. Just ensure you finish off over my content of course.

Lastly focus on these things when you contact me and ensure you know what you want before we start.

After all. Its this I will use mercilessly to my advantage and against you…


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