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8 : An Entreaty, But No Reassurance

Without directly answering to this appeal, she sat so still when he had very gently raised her, and the hands that had not ceased to clasp his wrists were so much more steady than they had been, that she communicated some reassurance to Mr. Jarvis Lorry.

8 : An Entreaty, but No Reassurance


Vandal Savage hosted a video conference with the other members of the Light. Gretchen Goode informed them how Nightwing, Black Lightning, and the Motherbox slipped through her hands. Ultra-Humanite told her not worry about Halo, as he already has plans to capture her. Gretchen remarked that Ultra-Humanite was not the only one who has interest in Halo, and in turn he pointed out that securing Halo was his operation and, per Light-tradition, that gave him first rights to her. When Gretchen turned to Savage for reassurance, Savage silently confirmed Ultra-Humanite's statement.

So in your trial, or in your support of a loved one who is under severe affliction, stay true to pray and trust Jesus. Cry out to Christ for healing and relief. Receive His reassurance; resolve not to give up going to God for grace and mercy in your time of need. Great faith gets great results because you serve a great and compassionate God.

Thank you. I’m delighted to be here. I was told we should be brief so that we can hear from you and have a participatory discussion. And I thought that was a good entreaty, particularly since one of the first lessons I learned in the wake of 9/11, is that when you speak on the subject of civil liberties in the war on terrorism, you should speak briefly.

As I said, his story was certainly special, but not unique. It has been experienced by many, many people, particularly, as David Cole pointed out, immigrants, particularly non-citizens, particularly people of color. And this student is actually relatively fortunate in that he’s studying to become a lawyer. He spent at least 28 weeks studying constitutional law, and he knows his rights to a certain extent. But many of the people who have been detained, who have been questioned post-September 11th, have very little or no exposure with the law. They don’t know lawyers; they can’t afford lawyers; they don’t know the Constitution. And so, they turn to the rest of us, I think, people like us, for a sense of reassurance and understanding that the Constitution means something in this country. 041b061a72


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