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AOMEI Backupper 5.1.0: How to Protect Your Data and System from Any Disasters

aomei backupper is a professional-like, easy-to-use backup and recovery software. but is free for home users and commercial use, fully protects your computer from data loss. it lets you securely backup pc and server, provides one-click backup your system partition or disk and does it in minutes.

AOMEI Backupper 5.1.0 Professional Technician Technician Plus Server Multilingual


aomei backupper professional edition is a complete yet simple backup software for windows pcs and laptops, which includes all features supports system/disk/files/partition backup & restore file sync, and system clone as well as provides scheduling backup, merge images, dynamic volumes backup, uefi boot, and gpt disk backup.

the backup operation is simple. aomei backupper will first backup windows system environment including system files, configuration settings, the malware virus, etc.. additionally, it will backup the data of system partitions such as system image, c:, e:, f:, g:, etc.

and, for the user's convenience, the scheduler will backup the target computer's system environment automatically at night. please note that the backup schedule is from a windows machine not a mac machine.

with aomei backupper, you can easily create full clone images for system backups. you can use only one image as the clone source, which can make the system restore and cloning process as simple as a single click. optionally, you can add disk partitions or imaging files to the aomei backupper backed up image files. it can simplify the job of system backup and duplication for the user.

aomei backupper, the preferred choice of pc users as a professional system backup software, provides a number of important features such as system cloning, disk image backup, backup and restore to the partitions or files. the advanced raid configuration support, quick sharing the clone images to network, ensure that the backup files are safe even without a network connection.


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