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Darr @The Mall 1080p ((INSTALL)) Download Movies

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Darr @The Mall 1080p ((INSTALL)) Download Movies

This is an area I have been interested in since the early days of sound synthesis - I have a couple analog units from Roland (TA 01, AT 07, CS 61) and tinkered in on/off/patch mode but mainly attempted to get my Tascam 604 to work, forcing me to buy the dreaded MOTU 804 instead.

Therefore I have always been fascinated by the original Sound Canvas series from Roland. This set of general MIDI compatible sound modules came to me amazing because of their 30-year history, legacy and sound quality, from a company that is more into home electronics than musical instruments, at a really low price. Roland has long created some of the early classics in music technology but are far away from establishing a really successful product range.

And this is exactly why the Sound Canvas VA is really cool and attractive. With this plug-in, you can install almost 4,000 sounds in the attached zip file. It comes with a sound editor which is even more sophisticated than the MSX Sound Canvas editor from 1994.

Now all these samples come with a great number of high-quality effects made from voices, classic drum kits, world and ethnic instruments, synths, sequencers, pianos, acoustic and electric pianos, etc. And, indeed, the Sound Canvas VA is emulating the original Roland GS series and Sound Canvas in a real time emulator.

This plug-in supports virtual MIDI, GS, GS2, Yamaha GS, GS2, GM2, GM, GM2, ARP, Vox, Nuendo, Sonic Applet, Kontakt and a whole lot of effects, such as filters, EGs, delays, reverbs, amplifiers, mastering effects, as FX 1 to FX 64.)

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