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Little Witch Academia Art Book 170

THE SANDMAN UNIVERSE: DEAD BOY DETECTIVES #5Written by PORNSAK PICHETSHOTEArt by JEFF STOKELYCover by NIMIT MALAVIAVariant cover by ALEX ECKMAN-LAWN1:25 variant cover by CATHY KWAN$3.99 US 32 pages 5 of 6 Variant $4.99 US (card stock)ON SALE 4/25/23A break in the case comes at a deadly cost, but there's little time to mourn when a far more dangerous foe waits in the wings. Edwin and Charles find themselves face-to-face with Thessaly the witch, and she's hungry to do what she does best...exact revenge on those who have crossed her.

Little Witch Academia Art Book 170


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