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Counter Strike Source Crack

I know why the flash back, because the source code is updated, all pirated CSS need new cracking files, steam need to verify the integrity of the game, this is the new cracking file I found on the Internet, I hope to help you. Link: code is: pjwj, this is a Chinese website, need to translate

Counter Strike Source Crack

Hi i have a problemi installed everything properlytwicei checked the installation.txt the video given with it all the instructions in /common-problems-and-solutions I installed everything u suggestedthe game starts shows the old background (cs source not cs source offensive)for a split second the quickly closesi tried with compatibility but i don't think it's the problem bcuz css works finei rechecked the rev filetyped the ProcName from the installation manual downloaded and the one from the youtube videoneither of them changed anythingthe file i downloaded is csso_release_1.1.rarI have a cracked version i downloaded from steamunlocked (it has custom addons that help with servers and online play)i noticed a suggestion do delete files from cstrike/addonsi did and it didn't helpi checked the log file and everytime i open it leaves something like this

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract the files named"cs_crackhouse_re.bsp" and "cs_crackhouse_re.nav" into your mapsfolder. Commonly placed in"C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\*USER*\counter-strike source\cstrike".


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