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Welcome to a world with goofy car physics and a lot of crazy modes. This is the ultimate racing game where your 80-year old granny or your 3-year old kid can join you for a ride - Easy to learn, but hard to master! Cop cars, shady cars, firetrucks, sports cars, you name it!

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Pursuant to 28 Del.C., 301-366, the Racing Commission licensed Steeplechase and ultimately its successor, Racing. These have been the only licensees of the Commission to date. The Racing Commission since its inception has consistently followed the legislative purpose exhibited by the statute of protecting and increasing the State's revenue from racing, and of curtailing the profits available to a licensee for distribution as dividends. It has exercised its statutory powers fully to that end and, presumably, will continue to do so for the future.

Certain it is that in every appeal we do not approach its decision as though we were trial judges facing the duty of determining facts initially. We search the record solely for the ultimate purpose of determining whether or not error in fact or law was committed below. 041b061a72


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