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he also said that as an ioc member, he would not comment on matters on which he will have no further role. mr khan was the former president of the commonwealth games, which was held in glasgow last year. he was just re-elected as a one-member ioc commission at the glasgow games.

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as deputy secretary general, mr southworth has been involved in the iocs politics for more than 20 years, most notably as an alternate in the russian investigation in response to accusations of widespread corruption and a bungled olympics.

the guardian understands that the ioc has been in touch with the indonesian government, who have agreed to house peng in the country. indonesia sits on the iocs executive board and the government there has offered to arrange legal assistance as well.

the wta is currently meeting on thursday in vancouver, where peng will also attend. amongst the topics on the agenda are how to best help and support peng given the iocs response, and how to ensure the safety of players at future tournaments.

the government has long paid close attention to the chinese market, and has resisted the development of other markets, such as in southeast asia, europe, the united states, and latin america. [8] the government does not allow free access to online video or music. [9] all television is state-run and documentaries with a political slant are heavily promoted.

mumbai-based big bazaar, one of the world's largest retail chains, has decided to sell only 3m books to shoppers during the ongoing sales season. [10] the company said in a statement that the decision is a consolidation of the strategy that has been put in place over the past year, and that the books will be sold in stores across india, giving customers more choice.


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