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Serial Number Visible Body 3d Human Anatomy Atlas 2 15

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The Body Modeling Standards Consortium (BMCS) is an international non-profit consortium that has been established to carry out the Visible Human Project by ensuring the conservation and effective and appropriate use of anatomic specimens.

To help visualize the entire human body from head to toe, we have developed a powerful set of software tools that enable you to interact with the data in a highly intuitive manner. These tools are a combination of specialized 3D rendering and rendering technology, coupled with a 3D virtual object browser, integrated 3D skeletal visualization, and the BMC Skeletal Atlas.

Enhancements to the traditional gross anatomy atlas with 3D images Adding new questions for quizzes Answers for questions posted to the website. Link to the 'Joints' part of the atlas.

The material used in this website is copyrighted. John Wiley & Sons Canada Inc. would like to acknowledge the work of the Mollon family and students of John H. Gault Medical School, University of Toronto. They are the authors of the Anatomy of the Human Body (Mollon & Gault, 2nd edition, 1994).

In the process of developing this atlas, The University of Maine's medical imaging and education group pioneered the development of a powerful distribution-based network-enabled platform for constructing image libraries, called the Virtual Human Project (VHP). The VHP data sets have been applied to a wide range of educational, diagnostic, treatment planning, virtual reality, artistic, mathematical, and industrial uses. Within the medical realm, The VHP images have formed the foundation of anatomic reference for many medical imaging and education groups including the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, Tufts, and MIT. 3d9ccd7d82


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