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Angela White Bride


Angela White Bride

"Sewing together works well because Jane likes to do the pinning and I sew the seams. It's a nice division of labor," said Mike, who learned to sew at the hands of his mother when he was around eight. About six years later, he sewed a black-on white Easter dress for one of his sisters. He said, "I had an idea for making a beret and my mom said, 'As long as you're making the hat, you might as well make the dress. It's a simple A-line dress.'"

"Our good friend was going to sew her wedding dress but wanted to drop as much weight as possible before starting," said Jane. "One week before the wedding, she asked us to help her sew. Her sister had brought home 12-inch scalloped lace from France to edge the hem and train, etc. I would have needed a month to study the pattern and probably would still have been terrified to work on it. Mike said 'Sure!' Jill would cut pieces on the floor of our sewing room and toss them to Mike, who sewed! There was a lot of wine (white!) and they got the job done! The man is fearless!"

Jane and Mike recently took time out from stitching to "very quietly" celebrate their golden wedding anniversary with dinner at home that included barbecued steaks and shrimp cocktails. And, to this day, Mike proudly recalls how much he enjoyed sewing and crocheting garments and accessories (dresses, skirts, hats and "at least one pair of shorts") for his bride back when they first got married! 781b155fdc


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