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Buy Volkl Skis [UPDATED]

Our writers and editors look for the best skis available. We test, research and review the best products in different categories with a focus on build quality, variable snow performance and the overall value for the price.

buy volkl skis

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Taking the same energy that their large radius skis deliver and repacking it into an energetic all-mountain machine, the Kendo 88 is an energetic frontside ski that can hold its own on the rest of the mountain.

The Grizzly was for skiers who wanted to push the limits of skill and speed both on the groomers, and through variable terrain. Ski technology has come pretty far over the last decade, but there are still plenty of skis out there that carry on that same hard-charging attitude.

Volkl's line of skis combines cutting-edge technology with expert German craftsmanship. Their all mountain skis are perfect for a variety of uses. The men's Deacon 74 is designed for maximum agility, even in poor conditions. The women's Flair 81 Carbon is built for excellent performance and features the iPT Wideride binding system, which allows for increased contact with the skis. Overall, the iPT Wideride systems allows you to have better control when using wider skis.

We at XSPO have selected a few highlights for you from the huge range of products and offer a fully-fledged Völkl Ski Online Shop. The focus is without a doubt on the skis. Freeride , Crossride, Giant Slalom and Racing - for each variant you will find the right pair. Complete your equipment with high-quality accessories such as ski poles, ski bags and ski skins. Völkl wants nothing to stand in the way of your perfect performance on the slopes and provides you with the necessary tools to do so. The ski clothing in our shop also impresses with its variety and functionality.

Völkl is both family and adult brand, suitable for beginners as well as professionals. The top rankings on the international market were not achieved just like that. The skis convince with easy handling and flawless performance, no matter what the terrain. Here in the shop everyone should find what they are looking for. So buy your desired product cheap online with us.

Fitting cross country skis is different then fitting alpine skis. Instead of fitting the ski by height, the skis that we carry are fit by weight. Check the charts below to see which size you need. Still have questions? Don't hesitate to give us a call at (877) 812-6710 and let us help you.

Völkl Ski International, GmbH, (German pronunciation: [fœlkl]) is a sports equipment manufacturing company based in Bavaria, Germany. Initially it manufactured skis, but has extended its line to snowboards, outerwear, and tennis gear. Völkl's United States subsidiary is located in Lebanon, New Hampshire along with its wholly owned binding manufacturer, Marker. In 2015 Völkl bought the ski boot manufacturer Dalbello.[1]

Since 1914, Völkl has manufactured skis in Straubing, Germany, a Bavarian town about one and a half hour's drive northeast of Munich. In the 1960s, Sears started distributing Völkl in North America under the Othmar Schneider and Sears brands. Though they recently built a state-of-the-art production facility in Straubing, the original factory is still in use as the Völkl World Logistics Center.

The most outstanding feature of the Volkl skis with 3D radius is how well they hold an edge at any radius through the turn shape, you find yourself really enjoying the great edge hold, where other skis would be starting to slip to hold the radius of the turn.

The Volkl ski rental experience are skis that work in a variety of conditions and for skiers at a variety of skill levels and skiing styles. Völkl considers everything about the the skiing experience when it comes to making their skis, from the way the ski reacts to the terrain and snow to the influence the skier has on the skis performance.

The 3D radius side cut usage of long radii at tip and tail for big turns and high speed and shorter radius in the center for short turns and lower speed makes skis that are easier to maneuver and effortless to control. Their 3D.GLASS, a development that improves the overall ski performance, provides stability in variable snow conditions, and a more snap in your in turns.

Sandwich Construction (SW): SW means that the sides of the skis are a vertical wall rather the the rounded Cap construction forund on most skis. Since none of the skis material needs to be exerting force maintaining shape at the edges, SW skis are stiffer than their Cap counterparts. Most people find SW skis to be damper, that is more glued to the snow, superior at high speed GS turns and top notch at busting through crud or choppy snow.

Here, high-tech innovation meets traditional craftsmanship to create the most precise, highest quality, and technologically advanced skis in the world. Our team of engineers, experienced craftsmen, tinkerers, and testers-as well as numerous top athletes and uncounted victories-have made Volkl one of the biggest ski brands in the world.

Skiers Markus Eder, Colter Hinchliffe, Tanner Rainville, Ahmet Dadali, Paddy Graham, Fabio Studer, Sam Smoothy and Tom Ritsch had never been heavily involved in ski design before Völkl tapped into their knowledge, experience, inventiveness and creativity to help launch the Revolt 121. In the past, Völkl excelled at developing skis for big-mountain, directional charging and skis for jibbing, but it lacked something built for both. Two years ago, the athletes were tasked to create their ultimate playful powder ski that could charge big-mountain lines, stomp backcountry landings, maneuver the resort and float in the deep stuff.

But while their position in the comp scene is undeniable, it's their work on Built Together and supporting skiers from the streets to the backcountry that has earned them the respect of the community in recent years. It helps that the new Revolt skis, from the 90 to the 121 are ridiculously fun. But from SLVSH to Markus Eder's Ultimate Run and Legs Of Steel, Völkl has been supporting the good stuff for years now. Jib League arrives and MDV is one of the first brands on board. They picked up Kye Petersen this season too, can't say fairer than that.

From the Zebra skis back in the 60s to the Race Tiger and Snow Ranger, Völkl has been quietly innovating for decades. With innovations such as the construction of the first sandwich construction ski and the introduction of carbon fiber, the brand has been breaking ground since the get-go. And since we're taking a look back, we wanted to highlight three skis that haven't made the Völkl PR but that are absolute NS classics.

A strong contender for the greatest Volkl ski of all time, the Gotama went through a few iterations. There was something of an outcry when Volkl added rocker way back in 2010, but the ski continued to be a much-loved classic even as wider skis evolved around it. Ironically, skis are trending back towards this exact shape with aggressive skiers preferring longer sidecuts and less tapered shapes again. Perhaps it's time for the Goat-ama to make a comeback?

Shoutout to one of skiing's oldest brands for reaching such a significant milestone, for continuing to push the sport, and for supporting athletes at the cutting edge. Here's to more innovative events, banger movie projects, and cutting-edge skis in the next 100.

And while we're on the subject of future skis, the new Revolt 114, which drops this coming fall, is an absolute monster. In terms of width, it fills the gap between the 104 and the 121, but it's a much chargier ski than its siblings. The tail rocker is flatter and doesn't have a twin tip, while the nose rocker is shorter. This is a ski designed more for modern-day big mountain skiing, stomping tricks, and charging big lines. We'll have a Roofbox Review coming down the line, but for now, check out a quick review in our Gear Guide and feast your eyes on these beauties. 041b061a72


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