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50 Cent Poppin Thangs

[Verse Three: Young Buck]Read the paper, look at the news, we on the front pageYeah we in the Bahamas with AK's on the stageThe ice in the Jacob watch'll make a broke nigga take somethinSo I gotta keep the fo'-fifth with no safety buttonG-Unit get that money, I know some artists is starvinbut play the game like they rich, to me the shit funnyI know you see me comin; cause on the front of the Maybachit say PAYBACK for those that hated on meI hate when niggaz claim they bangin or gangYou ain't a Crip like Snoop, you ain't no Blood like GameSee I been havin beef, I got my own bulletproof vestMost of my enemies dead, I got about two leftUntil my last breath, I'm sendin niggaz bulletholesInnocent bystanders get hit tryin to be heroesYou know how we roll, everywhere that we goIt's fo-fo's, calicos, and desert eagles

50 Cent Poppin Thangs




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