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3 Bahadur Movie Free 11 [TOP]

Zafar was portrayed in the play 1857: Ek Safarnama set during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 by Javed Siddiqui. It was staged at Purana Qila, Delhi ramparts by Nadira Babbar and the National School of Drama repertory company in 2008.[36] A Hindi-Urdu black-and-white movie, Lal Quila (1960), directed by Nanabhai Bhatt, showcased Bahadur Shah Zafar extensively.

3 bahadur movie free 11

3 Bahadur is set in a fictional town, Roshan Basti (Town of light), which is controlled by Mangu who acquired evil powers from a mysterious figure Baba Balaam. The things turn different when three 11 year old kids, Amna, Kamil and Saadi, are given special/super powers to fight the evil by Uncle Deenu, the whereabouts of whom remains unclear, after witnessing their bravery and goodness. The kids fight Mangu to free their town of the evil he harbors.

But something incredible happens one night. The three children are attracted to a bright blue light which draws them to the tower where Mangu holds his fort. Upon reaching, the light unleashes itself on the children and gives them hidden incredible powers, who later in the movie is revealed is actually given by Deenu Chacha. The 3 children coming face to face with Mangu was definitely a sight to see. Saadi with the power of sending objects into the Black Hole and unbeatable knowledge; Amna with incredible speed and ability to shield her loved ones, and last but not the least Kamil with the power of supersonic hearing and ability to jump into the sky without bounds, were a match fit for Mangu.

This gives the children the power to fight Mangu as equals, however fearing the fate and safety of their children the parents like most of our own parents are afraid to send our their kids to fight the big bad wolf. The 3 kids standing up to the force of evil to bring justice to a town torn by the evil hooded character, fearless and full of courage represent the lessons much needed to impart to our children, given the current situation we and our children have to face in the society. The movie gives children the perfect message: Be true to yourself, your values and everything else will fall into place by itself when you have the courage to support the truth and justice fighting evil.

The end credits do share something interesting when the Baba Balaam character is re-introduced in another part of the town, still surviving and living in a grave yard. One can only anticipate through this, that the next sequel of 3 Bahadur would be as interesting and thrilling as the first one, ending the movie on the 3 Bahadur title track which is catchy, fun and something that will stick to your mind forever!

My verdict: 3 Bahadur is must watch for kids and adults alike. The movie is refreshing, fun and filled with messages, proving through three 11 year old children that sometimes the heros we need in the society should not be judged upon their age or experience, but through their ability to stand against evil with vigilance and courage. The script is both light hearted yet filled with messages, the songs are upbeat with amazing lyrics so much so that you will end up singing them to yourself. Thumbs up to Sharmeen & team for a movie so incredible at their first attempt at animation. So go and grab your tickets now, because I guarantee you this, you will be walking out of the cinema to singing the 3 Bahadur song.

This birthday party, we got the kids on-board and did a NO-GIFT celebration for a very special cause. We asked our guests to contribute towards the screening of the movie 3 Bahadur, for the kids of an orphanage in Pakistan. These kids who have never been to a cinema will be watching 3 Bahadur- The Revenge of Baba Balam in cinema. Our guests donated generously for the cause and we are currently working with Waadi Animations to make that happen!

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