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Uniforms,Organization And History Of The Waffen...

The Pacific War was the climax of the decades-long Wars of Liberation, and is one of the most important conflicts in South American history. After winning their independence from Spain in 1825, Peru and Bolivia became separate nations - but over the following years repeated attempts to re-unite them were frustrated by the neighboring powers, particularly Chile. By the 1870s Chilean military superiority and expansionist policies exploded into full scale conflict. This book examines the troops, uniforms and equipment used by forces on all three sides of the conflict and traces the events of the war from the early naval blockades to the full-scale amphibious landings undertaken by the Chilean forces. The war ended in total victory for Chile, and that country's emergence thereafter as 'the Prussia of South America', while it cost Peru a lucrative province, and Bolivia its outlet to the Pacific coast.

Uniforms,Organization and History of the Waffen...

The legal necessity for groups registered for fewer than 10 years to re-register annually imposed additional bureaucratic requirements on recently established religious groups. Representatives from these religious groups complained such requirements were onerous and ignored the long history of their presence in Latvia. Marriage ceremonies performed by clergy of these religious groups, and religious associations registered for more than 10 years but not represented in the eight-member Ecclesiastical Council, must be supplemented by a civil marriage license. 041b061a72


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