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Later, in France, Rokoff tries time and time again to eliminate the ape man, finally engineering a duel between him and the count by making it appear that he is the countess's lover. Tarzan deliberately refuses to defend himself in the duel, even offering the count his own weapon after the latter fails to kill him with his own, a grand gesture that convinces his antagonist of his innocence. In return, Count Raoul finds him a job as a special agent in the French ministry of war. Tarzan is assigned to service in Algeria.

Tarzhard - The Return 1998

Tarzan and Jane return to Jane's shelter, along the way encountering Busuli and a group of Waziri who have been searching for their king since he disappeared. At the shelter, Clayton is at the point of death. Before he dies, he reveals to Tarzan and Jane that he knows Tarzan is the true Lord Greystoke. Tarzan and Jane make their way up the coast to the former's boyhood cabin so they can bury Clayton alongside his aunt and uncle. Here they encounter the remainder of the castaways of the Lady Alice, who have been recovered by D'Arnot in a French navy vessel. Tarzan exposes Thuran as Rokoff and the French arrest him.

Nikita Gross, better known as Nikita is a Russian glamor model and former adult film actress.[1] In 1998 she won the X-Rated Critics Organization Award for Best New Starlet. She was Penthouse Pet of the Month for July 1998 and 2000 Penthouse Pet of the Year runner-up. She was a Perfect 10 girl in January 2000. She has played the role of a Succubus character once, that being in the adult film The Devil in Miss Jones 6 with Vicca as a pair of Succubi that appear throughout the film.


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